The Clearing - Movie


Chris Loken, novelist/screenwriter, who wrote and co-produced the 2013 movie FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM, is looking for a reputable, capable, production company/individuals that has/have the wherewithal to produce/direct a movie of THE CLEARING's scope. Not only the financial capability and film industry acumen to get the movie made, but also a passionate belief in the subject matter. Being a Norwegian/American, it occurred to him that Norway might be an excellent place to search for such persons.

The screenplay is about a young disparate Norwegian couple, 17 and 15, who emigrate to America in 1888 and settle in Wisconsin. There they build a dugout home in a tiny clearing within the forest amidst the great virgin pine brooding over them, surmount overwhelming odds including the great blizzard of '88 to carve out a livelihood and sustain their "marriage". They become involved with a host of memorable, larger-than-life characters with whom they ultimately log off the huge pine and create the fertile farmlands of central Wisconsin. This is not the usual immigration movie, filled with unrelenting hardship and despair, but rather a celebration of raw courage, work ethic, family, love and love affair; of frontier gamesmanship between gutsy, rollicking immigrants led by a Paul Bunyan type Norwegian lumberjack against a scheming Norwegian/American Shylock in bed with the encroaching big Chicago lumber companies and railroads threatening to rob the settlers of their virgin pine forest and their family farm way of lifeā€¦the American Dream seemingly fulfilled.

That is the plot, but, first and foremost, THE CLEARING is about its people, the immigrants of various countries who start in a tiny clearing and symbolically expand it to become the United States of America.

The novel from which THE CLEARING screenplay is derived is the first volume of a hundred year, three generation trilogy, portraying the rise, decline, and fall of a family farm, its people, its way of life.

Chris Loken's internationally known actress daughter Kristanna Loken, is already attached to play the role of Tulla; once a production company is in place he will be in a position to reach out internationally to other prominent actors and directors, should this be necessary. But his gut feeling right now is that this movie would be best served, in all capacities, by Norwegian and/or Norwegian/American talent. That it could be made in Norway. Not only is it set to begin in Norway, the American setting is the big pine country of northern Wisconsin, which, in some respects, resembles Norway. But, of course, whether a Norwegian production company or not, it could be shot in the U.S., Canada, any number of other countries in the northern hemisphere.